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Belize Hosting's POP3 (Post Office Protocols version 3) Emails are customizable email accounts that allow domain owners to set up web-based mailboxes using their domain name, such as The service is accessible on the web at anytime from anywhere, and is advertising-free with plenty of storage space for large files and documents. Belize Hosting offers up to 5 Gigabytes of space. You can also forward any POP3 Email address to any other Email address. POP3 is the most prevalent Internet standard protocol for e-mail retrieval today! Your business can't afford to miss out on this technology!
Why use Belize Hosting's POP3 Email service?
Belize Hosting's POP3 Email provides the following benefits:

  • More professional than free email address.
  • Easier for people to associate your email to your organization
  • Web based access (check your email at anytime from anywhere)
  • High degree of versatility
  • Cost effective
  • No advertising
  • Spam and antivirus protection

Domain-based email is more professional

You might not have thought about it, but your email address does reflect your corporate image. Using Yahoo, Gmail, or any other mainstream free email accounts, as your corporate account, doesn't exactly reflect an established and grounded business. Domain-based email is a small but very significant detail that helps legitimize your business or organization, while also making it look more professional. Belize Hosting POP3 email services will give your corporation an elegant, simple, and effective solution to elevate your organization's online image, as well as allowing you more flexibility and control over your email functionality.

Why is POP3 email better than free email?

With free email accounts you won't be able to enjoy the security and control that our POP3 email service will offer. Also, since free email providers are constantly trying to upgrade customers to their paid email solutions, they constantly change the benefits offered. With Belize Hosting's POP3 Email, you'll never have to worry about ever losing important features. Everything you need is always there, and we consistently implement upgrades and improvements.

Belize Hosting POP3 Packs make email cost effective

Belize Hosting offers 3 POP3 Packages to accommodate your company's needs. All 3 Packages allows you to create an unlimited number of email accounts for your domain name; the only difference between packages being in disk space size. We also offer you the ability to upgrade to another package, if you ever need more disk space. Finally, Belize Hosting's prices are always competitive and billed annually for added management simplicity. We are one of the few companies that offer different packages so as to accommodate your spending budget. Our service can't be beat.


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